MMMM Technique Classes Online

For those, of us who feel that we would like to make more time for spiritual practices in our life but struggle with the traditional routes, MMMM is a great and unique way to do this. I feel like I can relax and enjoy and really explore than I do with traditional yoga and meditation (though these are great too) It also incorporates some Contemporary technique and Martial Arts. It is very interesting to see how the body can make several different art forms flow together as one in this class. I definitely recommend this class to everyone and definitely feel the benefits from it!

Zaynah Lodge

“Ella’s class is beautiful, her teaching is so clear, kind and thoughtful and can accommodate people of varying experience, who want to move, meditate and grow”

Moss Ladbrooke

Ella is really sensitive to our needs and leads the class in a way that you feel comfortable and safe but also just the right amount of challenged; I was surprised at what I could do, the class really pulled me out of my shell!

Lisa Mildner

“I have been struggling with a bad injury which restricts my movements. The class is such that I have never felt left behind or struggled to keep up. It is perfectly paced and very welcoming.”

Francis Coyle

“I really enjoyed your class and wasn’t aware that you were at the end of a 7 week journey! With this in mind, I felt very comfortable slotting into the process that may have been more familiar to others by this time. I felt your energy!”

Rosanna Cook

“Ella leads the session beautifully each and every time. Her attentiveness to the needs of everyone is evident, and the elements of dance, yoga and meditative movement fuse space well together. She has a wonderful energy which embodies what she teaches”

Aleksandra Jawulska

“The biggest insight for me was that I have had trouble with my right hip and even right after the first class I attended, my back & hip had gained much more benefit than with all the daily stretching I had been religiously doing during lock down. I felt the benefits for several days afterwards and was actually pain free for about 5 days afterwards- bloody miracle I never expected after several months of constant pain! That really motivated me to attend the next class!” 

“The combination of yoga and dance is perfect for me – I like yoga but sometimes find yoga classes a bit boring as I’m really not interested in exercise for its own sake. Even if it’s ‘exercise” has to mean something to me and go somewhere – it’s why I took up dance in the first place

Janetta Maxwell

“I’ve really loved these classes. I often suffer with a stiff back in the mornings and after this class I feel so much better to be able to get in with the day. I’ve really loved the combination of different styles both on the floor and up high”

Emma Lewis

Foreign Bodies

“An Under Water Love story tackles some big, serious issues, through some amazing choreography and in a way that I think will be accessible to lots of audiences. I think it’s probably going to leave people who see it with plenty to think about but having had a really entertaining night out. I’m delighted Kala Sangam has supported its creation.” 

Alex Croft, Creative Director – Kala Sangam

“The dance is immense. So brilliant to see new movement vocabulary. You are generating a truly unique movement style which seems to come from everywhere; African, Spanish, Latin, hip hop, contemporary all entwined together. I was intrigued to see your work and this did not disappoint. The dancers and choreography are amazing. I got a little excited tingle watching the dance, you have got something good cooking with this production!” 

Selina Mcgonagle, Geraldine Connor Foundation

“The underwater world was a really powerful analogy of her ideas: they were coming through really strongly”

Dawn Holgate

“A really intricate mesmerising piece… I found it very empowering”

Leanna (Audience, Leeds)

“When you see people respond to a dance piece who may not normally come in such a passionate way then you know you’re on a winner” 

Joe Williams

“I think she is one of the most intuitive artists I have ever met, an artist who really uses dreaming as a tool.”

David Evans, Artist in the piece

“Ella has a gift and she needs to share it”

Benedicta Valentina, Artist in the piece

“I thought the dancers were absolutely mesmerising”

Jen (Audience, Leeds)

“I am a frequent theatre go-er, but seeing Ella Mesma Foreign Bodies – An Underwater Love Story was thrilling and thought provoking, elevating my consciousness – I am still getting goose bumps”

Beverley Thomas

“Artistically, scientifically and culturally significant… a powerful and dramatic work of richly layered relevancies.”

Katy Noakes, OneDance UK

“Ella has situated (Foreign Bodies) at a fertile intersection of styles and approaches to dance.”

Dan Canham, Artistic Director, Stillhouse

“I was absolutely mesmerised” 

Heidi Samson, Youth Worker, Creative Youth Network

“A human dive in to a multi-sensory experience of dual parallels & contradictions. An important story that places the audience in the shoes of the protagonist.” 

Elsabet Yonas


***** Audience members at Dance City

“Original use of silks and fabrics – loved the sensory rolling on the fabric on the floor. Soundtrack supportive and rich I got lost in the piece – the lights, the membrane like fabric, the braids”

Audience member, Dance City

“A beautiful collage raw and honest physicality which holds you from beginning to end.”

Alice Henry, Choreographer

“You have made a very intelligent piece – you lifted your very personal work into the realm of provocative and meaningful call-and-response: vital and timely thoughts and concerns. It became political, personal, emotional, sensual, positive and strong”

Tim Rubidge, Choreographer


“The talented dancers of the Ella Mesma Company keep the audience engaged and interested throughout the piece and transmit a convincing message that everybody can relate to” 

Julia-Carolin Zeng (Dance GRiST)

“Totally swept away by the powerful performances of the four women! They do represent a diaspora of desires, fears and heroism!”

(Casa Festival 2019) South Social Film Fest

“An absurd, comical, and emotionally charged ritual of dance theatre” Bristol 24/7 2019

“Beautiful Choreography, the sound was mesmerising (Gave me goosebumps) and what incredibly powerful performers”

(Casa Festival 2019) Jum Faruq

Talented dancers and a convincing message: The talented dancers of the Ella Mesma Company display a wide range of dance styles in Ladylike, and each uses all the opportunities each style offers. They keep the audience engaged and interested throughout the piece and transmit a convincing message that everybody can relate to.”

(Casa Festival 2019) Julia-Carolin Zeng

Ladylike should be compulsory watching for the world”

(IETM, Hull 2019) Chris Megginson, Yorkshire Dance

A unique movement language at the crossroads of theatre, Latin and Hip hop, together with a punchy feminist approach”

Eva Martinez: Artistic Programmer & Artist Development, Sadler’s Wells

“F***ing brilliant. Very moving” 

Audience Member: Offbeat Festival

“Completely engaged- Enthralling, emotional, grounding work” 

Stuart Carter- Audience member and CEO, The Tabernacle- London

Roots of Rumba

“Diverse, inclusive and completely engaging”

Candice Wu, Bristol 2018

“A true marriage of dance, feeling, culture, politics and love”

Carly Trigg, Northwich 2018

“Brilliant: Vibrant, life affirming dance with enormous power to move and inspire”

Fiona Young: Audience member, Leeds 2018

“Be prepared to dance, laugh and cry”

Audience member, London 2018

“The best dance event in the UK”

Audience member, London 2018

“This is one of the most amazing events of the year!”

Iris De Brito, Batuke Festival 2017

“An evening showcasing the incredible talents, cultures, skills embedded within the Latin community: I was privileged to be hosting for some of the best talent on the scene right now.”

Rikki Livermore, MC/Host of Roots of Rumba 2015

“I found it entertaining and at the same time different in a positive way and I believe with potential to develop a secure platform for the enjoyment and edutainment of the dance forms you work with”

Mercy Nabirye, One Dance UK 2013

“Ella Mesma Company’s ‘Orixás’ carried that vital spark of originality”
Graham Watts at The Place    

“A compelling watch” 

Theatre fullstop

“She really pushes the form beyond battles and bravado”

William Drew- Exeunt Magazine (Sadler’s Wells)


“Unabashedly emotional”

(Breakin’ Convention) Sanjoy Roy – The Guardian

“The superb Ella Mesma”

Donald Hutera – The Times

She Created Her Life

“Amazing, powerful energy in abundance”

Dr Nathalie Teitler: Dancing Words

“When two beautiful souls bond together similar souls will flock together to create a majestic event to empower others. I am still blown over by the evening performance. Keep on sowing the seeds to inspire others” Margaret Aberdeen: Break Free from Domestic Violence

“In our scene people are scared to show vulnerability or/and to admit the subtle and less subtle challenges that women go through: you created a safe space for that. Wonderful”

Iris De Brito: Batuke/DAD Trailblazer 2018

“Great event – felt like a Retreat: relaxation, chocolate, movement, destress – and inspiration thrown in”

Suzy Miller: Divorce Strategist

“You created magic on Saturday”

Cindy Claes: 1000 pieces puzzler

“A unique event that London has not experienced before. The power of such an event is tangible.  Bravo ladies”

Ama Rouge