Ella Mesma Company

Like Water Through A Stone

We began an R&D on a duet with Akeim Toussaint at Yorkshire Dance in November 2021, which we will come back to in 2022. 
Inspired by an interview we recently did with Thomas Talawa Presto. This interview came about when I heard Thomas Presto, director of Tabanka dance (who has formulated a technique called Talawa: a codified system of body movement rooted in the traditional African and Caribbean dance styles), mentioned salsa (my first dance style) being a martial dance. 
I was super inspired, fascinated and curious to hear more, and so invited Thomas Presto to join Akeim and I as the initiation to create a duet (under the working title Like Water Through A Stone) which explores movement inspired by salsa and other dances of the diaspora, along with wing chun, in a contemporary framework.

Talking with Thomas was epically mind blowing, and got Akeim and I all kinds of excited, inspired and empowered stepping in to the studio. This is just the beginning of our journey making this duet, and we would love to hear more from Thomas, so we will be getting him back again soon!
We hope you enjoy the interview and we would love for you to share this talk with friends, to share your excitement with us on these insights over on Facebook or LinkedIn or Instagram, and what your thoughts are on these martial dances or even what you want to hear more about in part two of this interview!
Also, Akeim Toussaint Buck is one awesome human and has a Wildcard coming soon (Check out his upcoming Wildcard at Sadler’s Wells here)