I began Yoga whilst studying for my Politics and Sociology degree, and then continued it afterwards, whilst I began my career as a dancer. I apprenticed as a dancer in Leeds with M & Em Dance Company in Leeds, before deciding to go back into studying in London as I wanted to become a professional dancer.

During my training at Laban I discovered Bikram Yoga and and then when I moved to The Place, I met the wonderful Abby Hoffman. Abby offered classes on the course, and I looked forward to them every morning. I graduated from the Place as a dancer with a postgraduate diploma in 2011, but will return to write my MA this year.

In 2012, Abby Hoffman invited to be her first student on her embodied dancer Yoga Teacher Training. I was awarded a Gillian Clark Scholarship, and continued the training over the next two years whilst also touring with the Russell Maliphant Company.

I have continued my yoga journey both as a student, with Mileva Donachie, whom I also assist at Dance City in Newcastle. I also choreograph with my company Ella Mesma Company. I currently offer one to one yoga sessions across the UK. I practise Vinyasa flow and Ashtanga, and love to work with dance enthusiasts of all ages. I am also very interested and dedicated to the practise of meditation and in appreciating and accepting our wholeness exactly as we are (We are already complete!). I would love to meet you and share our yoga journeys!

As a dancer, I have trained internationally in Cuba, Brazil and USA including The Graham school- New York, La Ena- Havana, Deborah Colker- Rio De Janeiro and Funceb- Salvador da Bahia. In 2013, I was selected as a future Dance Leader for the ABLE leadership program and in 2015, awarded a Bench fellowship for emerging female choreographers. Credits as a dancer include Russell Maliphant Company, Southpaw Company, Professional cast of the Olympics Opening Ceremony, Wendy Houston, poet Warsan Shire, Adidas, and apprentice for Upswing Circus. I established Latin company Element Arts in Leeds in 2005, whom I like to use the elements to search for the same balance of mind, body and soul. I have also produced Roots of Rumba (an bi-annual Latin Dance Theatre Festival) since 2013.