I began my Yoga path in 2002 whilst studying Politics and Sociology, and then continued it when I began my career as a dancer. I apprenticed as a dancer in Leeds with M & Em Dance Company in Leeds, before deciding to go back into studying in London as I wanted to become a professional dancer.

During my training at Laban I discovered Bikram Yoga and but when I moved to The Place, I met the wonderful Dr Abby Hoffman. Abby offered Vinyasa classes on the course, and I looked forward to them every morning. I graduated from the Place as a dancer with a postgraduate diploma in 2011.

In 2012, Abby Hoffman invited me to be her first student on her embodied dancer Yoga Teacher Training. I was awarded a Gillian Clark Scholarship, and continued the teacher training over the next two years whilst also touring with the Russell Maliphant Company.

Since graduating I have continued my yoga journey as a student of Ashtanga with Mileva Donachie, whom I also assist at Dance City in Newcastle, Casa Vinyasa in Lisbon and Eddie Stern (NYC).

I teach my own classes in vinyasa, in my business yoga method and in meditation (watch out for one off workshops). I also offer one to one yoga sessions across the UK. I love to work with yoga enthusiasts of all ages, shapes and experiences.