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Quotes and Press: Foreign Bodies (2018)

“Ella has situated this work at a fertile intersection of styles and approaches to dance that add up to more than the sum of their parts. The vocabulary shifts and unfolds throughout.” Dan Canham

“Artistically, scientifically and culturally significant… promises to be a powerful and dramatic work of richly layered relevancies.” Katy Noakes, OneDance UK

Quotes and Press: Guerreras (Sadler’s Wells Wildcard 2017)


Ella Mesma’s Guerreras is an enduring testament to the trials women bear


“Ella Mesma’s Guerreras is an enduring testament to the trials women bear” ALISON ROBERTS-TSE

Audience Quotes:

“The highlight in my dance calender” Kelly-Audience member, Sadlers Wells

“Such Honesty, Skill and Communion” Audience member, Sadler’s Wells

“Empowering, Strong,Tender, Wonderful. Thank you.” Audience member, Sadlers Wells

Quotes and Press: Papillon (2017)


July 2017 issue

1707 – LDIFPapillonReview1707 – LDIFPapillonReview


“A beautiful collage raw and honest physicality which holds you from beginning to end.” Alice Henry, Dance City

***** Audience members at Dance City

You have made a very intelligent piece – you lifted your very personal work into the realm of provocative and meaningful call-and-response: vital and timely thoughts and concerns. It became political, personal, emotional, sensual, positive and strong” Tim Rubidge, Dance City

Audience Quotes:

“Original use of silks and fabrics – loved the sensory rolling on the fabric on the floor. Soundtrack supportive and rich I got lost in the piece – the lights, the membrane like fabric, the braids”, Audience member, Dance City

“Tremendous personal performance with a clear and significant theme” Audience member, Dance City

“Physically there was so much control in her movement and physique it was a strong performance to watch” Leanne a Johnson, Moving Frontiers

***** Audience members at Dance City

“Tremendous personal performance with a clear and significant theme” Audience member, Dance City

Quotes and Press: Ladylike (2015)



A unique movement language at the crossroads of theatre, Latin and Hip hop, together with a punchy feminist approach” Eva Martinez: Artistic Programmer & Artist Development, Sadler’s Wells

“Fantastic work by EllaMesma at VaultFestival  LadyLike is important, and beautifully executed. Make sure to catch it on tour!” 201 Dance Company

“Ella Mesma company’s glorious Ladylike: Female sensualities, power and complicity” Katy Noakes, One Dance

“At every level – technical, theme, spirit – such a layered piece. I could see it again and again for the intricacies of meaning”. Dr Edson Burton, Trinity Centre

Audience Quotes:

“F***ing brilliant. Very moving” Audience Member: Offbeat Festival, The Old Firestation,  Oxford

“Absolutely stunning and provocative piece, thank you for the inspiration and celebration” Pippa Lundgren- Audience member and dancer, Yorkshire Dance, Leeds

“Completely engaged- Enthralling, emotional, grounding work” Stuart Carter- Audience member and CEO, The Tabernacle- London“You performed your hearts out with honesty and generosity! Thank you” Audience member, Sadlers Wells“A powerful display of timeless and current issues that women continue to face everyday” Audience member and choreographer –Louiseanne Wong, Tabernacle, London

“The Vaults (under railways station Waterloo) was a strangely apt setting, a dark humid womb which rumbled & vibrated from the trains, sounding like a mothers heartbeat, Goddess’ thunder, or ocean waves. Condensation dripped from the ceiling on to the concrete, every dank dark alley late at night a woman has to traverse in vigilance. And the dancers conjured in their circle every fear for our bodies, & what others impose on them we have (except ageing). Hsing Ya’s piece especially had me crying, for when we are so bound up in pain can’t distinguish between helper & perpetrator, lashing out& harming oneself even more in process of freeing. Azara’s was also gut wrenching especially in the light of current events in US & across Diaspora world, where the Progress of the last generations portests, uplifting across race & gender, Women’s rights is being forcibly rolled back, stolen away again, even sometimes at the influence of other women, not just men. The final costume/piece cut so hard after the prior acts. So thank you women for a powerful performance.” Miko Jacqueline, VAULT Festival, London

“Raw energy and pure power from the Ella Mesma Company… one to watch for sure” Betty Adesanya, Trinity Centre, Bristol

Quotes and Press: Roots of Rumba (2013)

“I found it entertaining and at the same time different in a positive way and I believe with potential to develop a secure platform for the enjoyment and edutainment of the dance forms you work with”
Mercy Nabirye, One Dance UK

Quotes and Press: Ecdysis (2012)


Wild Card: Vicki Igbokwe


“A compelling watch” Theatre fullstop

“She really pushes the form beyond battles and bravado” William Drew- Exeunt Magazine (Sadler’s Wells) 

Quotes and Press: Orixás (2014)

“Carrying that vital spark of originality” Graham Watts (Chairman of Critics’ Circle Dance Section UK)

“Dance at its most physical and most sensual.” Lilia Prier-Tisdale

“Female strength and solidarity” Lilia Prier Tisdale

Quotes and Press: Evol (2011)

“Unabashedly emotional” Sanjoy Roy, The Guardian

“The superb Ella Mesma” Donald Hutera – The Times