Online Wellbeing Classes


MONDAY MORNING MOVEMENT MANTRA WITH ELLA MESMA COMPANY: Mondays 11.11-12.00: Ella Mesma Company Monday Morning Movement Mantra (Paused for July)

TUESDAY EVENING KUNDALINI YOGA: To boost your immunity, release fear and raise your vibration, Tuesdays, 18:30 – 19:45 BST (Paused for July)

MONDAY, WEDNESDAY FRIDAY AT 13H: DESK YOGA: 15:15: Fifteen Moves to make you feel better at the desk: Wednesdays 15:15 GMT

KUNDALINI WITH EMILIA: For 40 days, Monday-Friday from 6-7pm Surya Kriya that energize the body, creates a still and clear mind and works on digestion join on zoom donations are welcome.

PILATES WITH JEN Wednesday 5:15pm Open Level Pilates £5 drop in Saturday 1030am Open Level Pilates £5 drop in Or £35 for both classes per month Insta: @jwopilates

CLASS WITH ROSARIA: Daily GYROKINESIS (R) 10.00am, Afro-Brazilian dance Wednesdays 19.00pm, Thursday and Friday 17.30pm: exploring a variety of styles

CLASS WITH JULIA TESTA:Dissolving: Mondays at 1.30pm for 1h for What is good – Classes, an online movement platform that supports artists and indigenous people besides providing high level classes. Wednesdays at 9pm for 1h15min. Dissolving to relax to go to sleep. Saturdays at 3pm for 2h, Dissolving for creativity Mondays are through eventbrite The other classes email:

What is good – Classes: is an online movement teaching platform which aims to explore embodiment classes, working with varied styles of movement, such as:

  • Varied styles of Contemporary Dance
  • Capoeira
  • Acrobatics and Dance
  • Somatic Movements: Alexander Technique, Feldenkrais, Dissolving
  • Improvisation
  • Thantztheatre 
  • Capoeira
  • Tango!
  • Ballet
  • Afro
  • Butoh

as well on Facebook group

CLASS WITH Hsing ya Wu: Yoga
FB: Hsing-Ya Wu
FB Page: Contemporary / 動 YOGA 靜/ Belly Dancing with Hsing-Ya Wu
IG: hsing_ya (Hsing-Ya Wu)
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