I am All Womxn

33 amazing womxn hiphop women took part in the creation of I Am All Womxn in their homes all over the world (filmed in UK, USA, Portugal, Cyprus, Brazil)

I Am All Womxn is an extremely varied creative interpretation of the spoken word piece “I am a woman” by Bridget Gray, each section choreographed by the individual dancing it in reaction to the video before. You will see many different styles of dance: Breaking, House, HipHop, Locking, Popping, Krumping, Waacking and more… We hope this piece will celebrate womxn in our entirety and empower more of us embrace every side of ourselves as womxn.

These are the wonder womxn who took part in order of appearance

Ana Rokafella Garcia

Insta: @bgirlrokafella

Kendra “KRO” Horsburgh

Insta: @KendraHorsburgh Twitter: @kendrahorsburgh @birdgangltd www.kendraj.com  

Kenda Horsburgh: Artistic director and co-founder of BirdGang Ltd. A movement architect for stage, theatre, film and TV. With a wide range of credits commercially, she is currently associate choreographer for &Juliet the west end show. Www.kendraj.com

Ella Mesma

Insta: @EllaMesma Twitter: @EllaMesma www.ellamesma.co.uk

Ella Mesma is artistic director of Ella Mesma Company, and an established professional artist with a wide range of credits over 15 years. She is currently dancing for Lea Anderson’s Chomondeleys and was also the curator and producer of this project ‘I am all womxn’.

Rox Roxane Zana

Insta: @Rox_Roxane_Zana 

Roxane has a background in Breakin, Capoeira and Contemporary. She has competed all over Europe and performed and collaborated with companies such as Puma, Adidas, Cirque Bejou, Breakin Convention, CBBC, BBC, Mercedes and many UK festivals.


Insta: @Azararm

Laura Dajao

Insta: @LauraDDances Twitter: @xitsallgoodx www.lauradajao.com

Laura Dajao is a freelance inclusive dance artist  influenced by Hip Hop, Contemporary stylesa and other specific dance forms such as Dancehall, Waacking and Locking. She looks to fuse movement from different styles to create her own vocabulary using her wheelchair to make cross collaborative art as an professional dance artist. Taking inspiration from Sign language, theatre, music and storytelling and spoken word. She looks to make work through Collaboration and exploration of theses styles. Based in East London, she had trained and performed with East London Dance, Candoco, Gloucestershire Dance, Moxie Brawl, Casson & Friends, and Stopgap across various platforms around the UK and is currently Associate Director of Sardines Dance Collective

Kayla Lomas-Kirton

Insta: @kayla_lomas

Jemma Mae & Sofía Fourket

Insta: @jemma.mae Twitter: @jmaybe3

Filmed by Zak Hamza

Jemma Mae is a dance artist based across Leeds and Sheffield, with a passion for Afro Fusion dance, Hip Hop and Contemporary. Jemma loves the cross overs and fusions between dance cultures and enjoys teaching in the community, across dance organisations and in educational settings. Jemma also has a passion choreographing for the screen, working with music artists in the UK and abroad.

Rowdy @rowdyyami

Yami Rowdy: A creative movement director, performer, lecturer, and choreographer. She is a British Council and Arts Council England recipient, One Dance UK DAD Trailblazer Fellow, Marion North Recipient, and Talawa Make Artist. She was on the creative choreographic team for the 2012 Olympics Opening Ceremony and is a member of performance collective Hot Brown Honey.

Gemma Hoddy

Insta: @Gemma_Hoddy

Emma Houston

Insta: @BgirlShortbreadUK

Emma Houston is a dancer, choreographer and teacher based in London, UK. Recently performing in Boy Blue’s latest production ‘REDD’ and Kate Prince’s ‘Message In A Bottle’, Emma also represented UK at the Redbull BC one Bgirl cypher 2019 making it to the semi finals. Emma has choreographed for brands such as Levis and Adidas and is passionate about dance as a tool for positive change.

Amanda Pefkou

Insta: @Amanda.pefkou

Bgirl Angel @bgirl_angel

Rosa Carless

Insta: @warriorprincessrosa

I’m a movement artist on a journey to inspire people through dance. Starting as a bgirl where my roots still lie I have explored many roots and styles, forever learning and loving the journey.

Michela Di Felice & Hannah Betram

Insta: @Michela_Di_Felice @hanbertie Twitter: @mikyta7

Michela Di Felice is a choreographer and dancer. Credits include Coldplay, Tinie Tempah, Keno) Films (Legends) MOBO AWARDS, BREAKING CONVENTION, Choreographer for C4 COMEDY GALA SHOW, JAX JONES UK TOUR. “I Don t like to be restricted to do only one thing cause our minds can do so much more.” This project made me realise how lucky I am to have the power of choice and be free to choose whatever I want to be”


Insta: @rawgina_roberts

My name is Rawgina and I’m from Leeds, UK. I have being Breaking for 19/20yrs which is more than half my life and I couldn’t imagine doing anything else! I represent 2 crews Leeds The Way and Heavy Smokers. I love to chill with my crews, battle, meeting new people and more than anything having fun with what I’m doing as lifes to serious and it’s nice to escape to my Breakin’.

Jonadette Carpio

Insta: @jonadette_ Twitter: @jonadette_

Nefeli sMash Tsiouti

Insta: @Nefeli_Tsiouti Twitter: @bgirlSmash www.dancesciencecyprus.com 

Nefeli ‘Smash’ Tsiouti: is a bgirl, Founder of Project Breakalign, dedicating her life to preventing injuries for hip-hop dancers, through scientific research, education, physical therapy, and all the health support that dancers need. Her love for dance, transitioned to her passion to save dancers from injuries, due to her personal chronic health conditions.

Lara Rose McCabe

Insta: @lararose89 Twitter: @lararose89

Lara Rose is a movement artist, dancer, choreographer and teacher. Passionate about using movement as a tool for creativity and internal growth and expression as a being.  Lara has numerous performing and choreography credits that continue to develop her as a creative. Which she also has the opportunity to explore and execute as a dancer and teacher of Boy Blue Ent.

Jenn Gauss

Insta: @BgirlGinseng

Jenn Gauss has been breaking for 17 years, battling and performing in breaking/house dance whenever she can, with highlights being winning the 2017 Queen16 UK qualifier and performing at the Olympic opening ceremony in 2012.  She is also a clinical scientist for the NHS, lover of the natural world and has a passion for diving and filming underwater.  Dance and nature are the two things in life through which she says she can fully lose herself.

Kloe Dean

Insta: @kloedean Twitter: @mskloedean

Kloé Dean is the artistic director of all female Hip Hop company, Myself UK Dance. A passionate, caring and creative performer, choreographer, teacher, judge and mentor, specialising in Hip Hop, Funk and Steet Dance Styles. Originating from South London, UK, Kloé has performed in and created numerous productions, showcases and competitions as well as taught and judged around the world over the past 15 years.

Issie Lloyd

Insta: @funk_supreme

Issie Lloyd is the director of Funk Supreme based in Bristol and specialises in a variety of street dance styles and capoeira. Her main focus is to bring the social aspect of dance alive, encouraging people to dance as one.

Odylle “Manti” Beder

Insta: @mantis_360

Mantis is a Brooklyn native and member of Full Circle, a Bronx based crew and hip hop theater company. She started bgirling at 21 and has since travelled worldwide to compete at events such as Redbull BC One, Freestyle sessions and IBE and performed at venues including the Kennedy Center, Lincoln Center, New Victory Theater and Joyce Theater.

Elsabet Yonas

Insta: @elsabetter

Elsabet Yonas: An independent movement artist. Her work is rooted in documentation and storytelling, often honouring marginalised communities.

Tomo Norimaki

Insta: @tomo106norimaki

Tomo Norimaki is from Japan and is based in the U.K. She is a dancer a teacher a choreographer and a mother. She is a member of Konoha crew U.K, and the founder of FUSE596.

Michaela Cisarikova

Insta: @michaelacisarik Twitter: @michaelacisarik www.mcdccompany.com

Michaela Cisarikova is a UK based choreographer, dancer and the artistic director of MCDC, fusing contemporary dance, physical & Hip Hop theatre with worldwide collaborations to create visual and stimulating indoor & outdoor work produced and performed across the UK, Europe and Chicago.


Insta: @disciplineofrebellion

Lyra: ‘I started my career as a dancer in my 20s teaching, competing, performing, doing adverts and live shows.
Following the death of my father in 2011, I got jaded and started to retrain to be a stunt performer & do movement in films. I picked up lots of injuries along the way, did some serious soul searching found I missed dance so much it hurt & set about healing myself mentally & physically to be strong & ready to be a part of this beautiful culture and scene again.’

Joey Odro

Insta: @joey_jojo1

Joey has a variety of experience in dance and sport.  One of her most inspiring credits was being part of the professional cast of dancers in the London 2012 Olympic Opening Ceremony.  Other highlights include featuring in the Adidas #MyGirls clothing campaign for ELLE Magazine and being a FitPro Magazine cover model. Additionally, she has worked as part of the teams organising some of the UK’s flagship international hip hop dance competitions.  Joey has an academic background in Sport and Exercise Sciences (BSc) and Dance Science (MSc) and has previously presented her Laban research project at the International Association of Dance Medicine & Science (IADMS) Annual Conference.

Sunanda “Sunsun” Biswas

Insta: @bgirlsunsun

Sunanda Biswas: One of UK’s foremost B-girl’s and founder of ‘FLOWZAIC’ UK’s first all all female Breaking crew, Sunanda aka ‘BGIRL SunSun’ has performed, battled , judged and hosted at some of the biggest Hip Hop , Lindy -Hop and B-boy events. She was co-choreographer for the NHS segment of the London 2012 Olympics Opening Ceremony and is now Associate Director of ‘GROUNDED MOVEMENT’ & founder of Bboy Crew ‘GROUNDED UK ‘


Insta: @sammijo_makemefunky

Sammi-Jo has been a lover of all things funky for as long as she can remember- Locking, Popping and Hip Hop are her passion and she hopes you catch a funky vibe.

Dani Sands

Insta: @dani_sands_ 

Dani Sands is a creative originally from Brazil with influences in her movement from hip hop dance styles, always looking to empower womxn with her work.

Julia Cheng

Insta: @JuliaChenghoa Twitter: @houseofabsolute www.houseofabsolute.com

Julia Cheng is a Creative Director specialising in movement and inter-disciplinary theatre. Founder of all female collective House of Absolute.

Words by 

Bridget Gray

Insta: @BridgetGrayPoet

Thank you 

Carole Edrich

Insta: @Dancegr.ist 

Kenrick H2O Sandy


This idea was scratched out at an Artists4Artists event in 2017 when I (Ella Mesma) was given a task by Kenrick H2O Sandy that ended up in  my wee section (or a version similar) being blasted out on twitter and loads of people saying “You should do something with this”. I chatted the idea over with these 33 women, but because life was so busy, never managed to do something with it. Now, two years later, thanks to a conversation with Nefeli at the start of lockdown, we were able to take action fast and in our homes, with a goal to spread some love out there!

We hope you enjoy it!