Advice for taking your business online

We recognise that at this difficult time, we need to support one another as much as possible.

This page is our response, and is full of tips that many other amazing artists have shared with us here: Thank you to you all, and we hope we can spread more love and community at this difficult time!

(90% of the tips on this page are from the amazing Carole Eldrich!)

A great resource pack


Training for free

Simple Way To Set Up Virtual Event Registrations

A Guide to Agile Event Programs that Can Survive Anything

Guide for Online Facilitation from Acumen

Unlocking the power of virtual convening

Event Marketing That Scales: A Community for Event Professionals by Splash

5 Ways to Know If Your Company Can Support A Local Events Program

Making video conferencing work better from a home office

Virtual Events Tools – develop and deploy full-featured video conferencing

Video Conferencing

Jitsi – Open Source video conferencing

“100% free, open source, and WebRTC compatible.”. In browser and mobile app (Google play / Fdroid)

AppRTC – Open Source point to point video calls

Easy to use, just pick a room and go – no log-in or registration, data goes from point to point, not through any central servers – in-browser

SIPML5 – Open Source web video phone

HTML5 SIP client prototype – requires SIP server (such as Asterisk) – for the advanced user / developer


Virtual Rooms

Sansar – Social Virtual World

Zoom – Blog and video tutorial on how to use Zoom (for hosts and participants)

Tools for Running Remote events

In the Ether

In the Ether is an approach to fully remote meet-ups, meetings, conferences and events. It is a remote first approach to bring like minded people together from across the globe, to discuss, share and learn about topics they care about. live video Q&As, interviews, summits, webinars and more.

Online events platform (launching soon)

Online events platform

Online events platform 

SmartEvents – Digital Alternatives to Face to Face Events

Collective Agency Livestream Fundraising, Galas & Events 

Set up a Basic Phone Number for the Elderly to Call and Listen to Audio Announcements, Podcasts or Sermon Recordings

Collaboration Platforms

Nextcloud (Talk) – Open Source collaboration, file share and comms

“Screen-sharing, online meetings & web conferencing“ In browser and mobile app (Google play / Fdroid) – A marketplace platform that can connect you with over 500 virtual event specialist freelancers of all levels, from strategists and video directors down to engineers, chat moderators, and tech support. Online masterclasses, ask me anything, request one-on-one sessions and more.